WS-1-SL Diffuse Reflectance Standard, Spectralon Ocean Optics


Diffuse Reflectance Std, Spectralon


The WS-1-SL is a diffuse reflectance standard from Labsphere and is made from their patented diffuse reflectance material, Spectralon. Spectralon is hydrophobic and is thermally stable to 350 °C. The durable material provides highly accurate, reproducible data. Unlike all the other PTFE-based standards on this page, the WS-1-SL often can be smoothed, flattened and cleaned if nicked or soiled. Order the WS-1-SL Spectralon diffuse reflectance standard today.


Engineering Specifications WS-1 WS-1-SL
Dimensions: 38 mm diameter (housing) 32 mm OD, 10 mm thick (tile)
Weight: 30 g 30 g
Spectral range: 250-2000 nm 250-2500 nm
Diffusing material: PTFE Spectralon
Housing material: Aluminum Delrin
Reflectivity: >98% (250-1500 nm)>95% (250-2200 nm) 99% (400-1500 nm)>96% (250-2000 nm)

WS_1_Standard  reflectance values

WS_1_SL_Standard reflectance values

Spectralon Care and Handling

Labsphere a-guide-to-reflectance-materials-and-coatings


Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 2 in


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