Wavelength Calibration Sources, HG-2, AR-2, KR-2, NE-2, XE-2


Hg-A calibration lamp



Ocean Optics spectrometer Wavelength Calibration Sources are low pressure atomic emission lamps couple to a fiber optic port for easy wavelength accuracy tests and array based spectrometer calibrations. The wavelengths of each of the strong emission lines are listed based on published  NIST values.  These replace the popular original designs (HG-1, AR-1, KR-1, NE-1, and XE-1) developed for shipboard use in our founders SBIR oceanographic cruise.

Simply connect a fiber to the calibration source, and the other end to your spectrometer and turn on the lamp. Wavelengths and typical spectra showing peak positions and heights are printed on the label.

Sources are available in configurations that span the UV to the NIR, with more convenient battery options, remote on/off, and LED indicators for battery charge and lamp activation.

The newer wavelength calibration source series (-2 models) includes mercury-argon (253-1700 nm), krypton (427-893 nm), neon (540-754 nm), argon (696-1704 nm) and xenon (986-1984 nm) gas-discharge emission sources.

  • Built-In Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery –
  • Remote Enable – Each Wavelength Calibration Light Source can be remotely turned on/off with a low voltage signal (2.5-5V).
  • Ruggedized Corrosion Resistant Aluminum Housing –
  • Improved Electronics – the electronics have been updated to provide the best possible performance for these wavelength calibration standards.
  • Low profile toggle switch in the front of the unit activates power to the bulb.
  • A locking power cable helps to ensure that power is not accidentally disrupted during a critical time in your calibration process.
  • Three different indicator lights in the front help users easily identify the state of the on-board battery
  • Our industry leading three-year warranty applies to all Wavelength Calibration Light Sources (does not apply to the battery or bulb). Bulb and battery replacement will be performed for each light source sent in for refurbishment.


Other than wavelength range, performance specifications are identical for each calibration source.

Dimensions: 12.6 x 7.0 x 2.6 cm
Weight: 180 g
Power consumption: 2A (maximum) at 5 VDC when battery is charging
Power requirements: 5 VDC power supply; rechargeable, embedded lithium ion battery
Bulb life: 3,500 hours (typical)
Aperture: 3 mm
Amplitude stabilization: ~1 minute
Optical connector: SMA 905

Wavelength Range by Calibration Source

Item Wavelength Range  
HG-2 253-1700 nm
KR-2 427-893 nm
NE-2 540-754 nm
AR-2 696-1704 mm
XE-2 916-1984 nm

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 6 in

Hg, AR, Ne, Kr, Xe


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