Wavego spectral light meter



The Ocean Optics Wavego light spectrum meter is a complete solution for light measurement, integrated with smartphone technology to allow quick, connected acquisition of light data.

Wavego uses a high performance miniature spectrometer to sample 1024 wavelengths of light simultaneously. Factory calibration against NIST standards provides accurate measurement of light intensities, color rendering index, correlated color temperature, and other radiometric and photopic parameters.

Wavego is ideal for applications that require a simple, yet highly accurate result, with the app calculating and displaying the data. All data is saved seamlessly to your cloud account.

WaveGo can run either single measurements or continuous logging, with result viewing either on the phone app or via desktop access to the cloud. It stands alone and requires little to no prior knowledge to allow the quality and value of light to be unlocked.

The Ocean Optics Wavego light spectrum meter has many applications, ideal for lighting design, health and well-being research, horticulture, architecture, retail, museums and galleries.

Works with Android and IOS smartphones!   

wavego smart phone spectroradiometerSpectrecology Wavego spectral light metrer
Engineering Specifications WaveGo
Optical Resolution: 3nm FWHM
Wavelength Range: 350-800nm
Illuminance Range 10-1,000,000lux
x,y Repeatability: 0.005 @ 250lux
x,y Accuracy: 0.005 @ 250lux
Reliable Chromaticity: >10lux
Illuminance Accuracy: ±4% @ 250lux
CCT Accuracy: ±2%
Number of Pixels: 1024
Integration Time: 10µs-1s
SNR: 1500:1
Stray Light: 0.25%


Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 6 in