Wasatch Photonics 785nm Raman Spectrometer System



WP 785 Raman – SET

Compact f/1.3 Raman spectrometer with a grating stabilized 785nm laser and a fiber optic probe. The Wasatch Photonics Raman spectroscopy system comes complete with everything you need including a sample cuvette & vial holder and software.

  • Excellent quality data, benchtop performance yet at a “compact” price
  • Exceptional speed, up to 30x faster measurements largely due to the proprietary f/1.3 optics
  • Superior stray light suppression, which results in higher SNR
  • Trace-level limits of detection possible even without deep cooling of the detector
  • High thermal stability of the grating and bench design leads to reproducible, accurate results
  • Fiber-coupled Raman probe has built in filters and focusing optics for through-container, standoff and contact sampling
  • ENLIGHTEN™ spectroscopy software – included free!

Volume Phase Holographic Grating provides optimum throughput and a simpler optical design….

Spectrecology-WP Raman Spectrometer Design

Superior Sensitivity gives trace level limits of detection…

Spectrecology Raman superior limit of detection

f/1.3 optics gives 10X higher signal compared to traditional f/4 optical systems…

Spectrecology Raman f/1.3 advantage

Wasatch 785 Raman Spectrometer Specifications

  • F/#: 1.3
  • SLIT HEIGHT: 2 mm
  • WAVENUMBER RANGE: 270 – 2000 cm-1 (all models)
  • BLOCKING/SORTING FILTER: Options available, depending upon application
  • RESOLUTION, 10 UM SLIT: 4 cm-1
  • RESOLUTION, 25 UM SLIT: 6 cm-1
  • RESOLUTION, 50 UM SLIT: 10 cm-1
  • FIBER PORT: SMA 905 (fiber coupled model) ; free space coupled model available (40 μm laser spot size)
  • SIZE: 16.5 x 16.2 x 6.7 cm

 785 Raman Detector Specifications

  • DETECTOR TYPE AND MODEL: Hamamatsu S11510-1006 (A) | S11511-1006 (R) | S10141-1007 (C)
  • ACTIVE PIXELS: 1024 x 64 (A/R) | 1024 x 122 (C)
  • PIXEL DIMENSIONS: 14 x 14 μm (A/R) | 12 x 12 μm (C)
  • QUANTUM EFFICIENCY MAX: 83% average /84% peak (A/R) | 85% average /90% peak (C)
  • INTEGRATION PERIOD RANGE: 3 ms – 60 s (A/R) | 25 ms – 60 s (C)
  • SIGNAL TO NOISE: 500:1 (A/R) | 2400:1 (C)
  • DYNAMIC RANGE SYSTEM: 50,000 (A/R) | 37,500 (C)
  • READ NOISE: 6 e- RMS (A/R) | 4 e- RMS (C)
  • SYSTEM OPERATING TEMPERATURE RANGE: 0°C to 40°C, non-condensing
  • DATA INTERFACE: USB 2.0 Type B connector (female)
  • SOFTWARE: ENLIGHTEN™ operating software & drivers are included
  • POWER CONSUMPTION: <500 mA @ 12 V

SLIT WIDTH: Defining Resolution

Sensitivity and resolution are competing factors when choosing slit size. A larger slit allows more light to enter the spectrometer while increasing sensitivity for low-light applications such as fluorescence. Resolution improves, however, as the slit width is reduced (though not always linearly). We offer 10, 25, and 50 μm slits for many of our spectrometers, and can advise on the best choice for your application. Due to the high sensitivity of our low f/# spectrometer designs, it is often possible to use a smaller slit width than would be required with a typical f/4 spectrometer, allowing you to achieve higher resolution.

We have specified our 25um slit for best resolution, but you can change to 50um or 10um when you order a system. Be sure to contact us to discuss your application.


Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in


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