Temperature regulated LED Source – Phos-4




The Phos-4 is a highly stable and flexible LED light source for use in scientific and measurement applications, with following features.

  • Temperature Stabilized LED   The Phos-4 features above ambient temperature control of the LED giving excellent power and wavelength stability
  • Four Independent LED Drives   The Phos-4 provides 4 independently controllable LED Drive channels allowing multi-die LED’s to be blended and modulated as required. To use a 4 die LED the PHOS-4-P unit with focusing lens is needed. (Phos-4-S does not have the lens)
  • Interchangeable LED modules   The LED modules designed to fit to the Phos-4 are fully interchangeable. They contain EEPROM memory so that when it is connected its operation will be limited to the safe current and temperature range, specific to that LED. The memory also stores the last operating current and temperature for the device. These values are automatically used when the device is next powered on.
  • Adjustable Optics   The Phos-4 features 2 modes of optical adjustment:
    • Z adjustment of the LED holder and Lens holder (if fitted)
    • X-Y adjustment of the Lens to provide optimal coupling of the LED.
    • This allows optimal coupling of the LED output into a wide range of optical fiber assemblies, whether maximizing the optical power or obtaining optimal mode filling in the fibre. In addition, diffusers and filters can be added into the light path to shape the mode filling or optical spectrum of the output.
  • Multiple control inputs  The Phos-4 can be controlled or synchronized by methods listed. The P4-Connect Socket manages the control modes by detecting the type of cable connected and configures the connector to perform the desired function. 
    • USB (COM emulation) / UART (see section 20).
    • TTL inputs & outputs (Outputs generated with PWM, Sequence modes and USB / UART control modes).
    • Control voltage (+0.54V to -0.6 V corresponds to 5% to 100% of the programmed current)
  • Programmable control Modes    The Phos-4 can be configured to operate in the following pulse modes:
    • Pulse Width Modulation, with programmable frequency and percentage on time.
    • Programmable Sequence Mode, allowing a user defined pattern of on and off times for each LED channel to be defined.
  • Power On Defaults   When the Phos-4 is powered on, it automatically returns to the current, temperature and programmed mode last applied to the LED module installed.

Ohos-4 Temperature stabilized single and multi die LED source, fiber coupled


Phos-4 Specifications


Size (H x W x D)90 x 66 x 95 mm
Storage Temperature5°C to 55°C
Operating Temperature Range15°C to 35°C
Humidity range – Non Condensing; 15°C to 30°C;0 to 80%
Humidity range – Non Condensing; 30°C to 35°C;0 to 40%
Pollution degree (As per IEC 61010-1)2
Power Input (use power supply provided – P4-PSU)12V, 2A
Power Connection5.5mm, 2.1 pin (Pin positive)


Input Voltage Range90 to 264 V
Input Frequency47 to 63 Hz
EfficiencyLevel VI, CoC Tier 2
Country Plug adaptersUnited States, United Kingdom, European Union, Australia


Number of Channels4
Maximum current per LED800mA
Maximum current – Total1200 mA
Current stability (Operating temperature range)< 0.5mA
Current transient – ON<1.0 µS
Current transient – OFF< 0.2 µS
LED temperature Stability (Continuous 500mA; Ambient 25°C; LED 35°C)< 0.2°C
Time to Stabilise (Ambient 25°C; LED 35°C)< 5 minutes


DefaultSMA 905
With P4-MIC16 mm diameter (Fibre Bundle Adapter)
With P4-MIC and P4-LLG5 mm diameter (Liquid Light Guide Adapter)


Z AdjustmentM4 Drive Screw (Stages selectively friction engaged)
LED Z- Range (From fibre tip)1 to 27mm
Lens Z- Range (From fibre tip)1 to 22mm
Lens X-Y- Range (Phos-4 P only)±1.5mm
Lens (Phos-4 P only)f 3.3mm, NA 0.47, Aspheric, AR coating 350-700nm


Continuous0 to LED Max Current; ~0.3mA Steps;
PWM Frequency1Hz to 200kHz
PWM fraction0 to 100% in 1% steps
Sequence Frequency1Hz to 20kHz
Sequence Steps0 to 255 counts


USBVirtual COM port (Mini-B plug; CDC Class)
UARTTTL Compatible Levels (Using P4 Connect)
Logic InTTL Levels (direction defined by P4 Connect)
Logic OutTTL Levels (direction defined by P4 Connect)

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Premium (single or quad die LEDS), Standard (single die LEDS)


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