SE-SOLAR-REF Solar Reflectance Raspberry Pi System for UAVs




SE SOLAR REFLECT is a complete low weight system ready for deployment on a UAV, handheld or other deployment for measuring solar reflectance in the field.

The heart of the system is a Raspberry Pi version 3 equipped with 2 sub miniature STS fiber optic spectrometers. One STS is equipped with a fiber optic cosine corrector for measuring solar irradiance, the other is equipped with a fiber optic collimating lens for targeting plants, soils or other samples.

The RP-3 comes with UP-DOWN software installed on a 42 GB micro SD card. The software interfaces by WIFI to any device with a browser, Easy to use software lets you set operating parameters, store a set of initial reference spectra, calculates %R and stores data file files to the SD card.

A 3000 mAH rechargeable battery, Oceanview software for using the system on a desktop PC,  a white reflectance standard, and a RP kit with cables, case and other accessories completes the lit.

STS is a really small spectrometer, grating based, USB with an advanced CMOS 1024 element detector array, 350-800nm. STS-UV or STS-NIR systems can be substituted.

Compact– actual size is 40 x 42 x 24 mm

  • Powerful – high signal-to-noise (>1500:1) and dynamic range (4600:1) performance
  • Thermally stable – peak shape stays the same over a wide temperature range
  • Cost-effective – optical resolution of 1.5 nm is comparable to benchtop spectrometers
  • Reproducible – attractive design for OEM manufacturers
  • Plug-and-play – easy connectivity and adaptability with other devices


Engineering Specifications STS-VIS
Dimensions: 40 mm x 42 mm x 24 mm
Weight: 68 g
Detector: ELIS1024
Wavelength range: 350-800 nm
Integration time: 10 µs – 10 s
Dynamic range: 5 x 109 (system, 10 s max integration), ~4600 single acquisition
Signal-to-noise ratio: >1500:1 (maximum signal)
Dark noise: ≤3 counts rms
Grating: 600 g/mm
Slit: 10, 25, 50, 100 or 200 µm
Detector collection lens: no
Order-sorting: no
Optical resolution:
  • 1.0 nm (10 µm slit)
  • 1.5 nm (25 µm slit)
  • 3.0 nm (50 µm slit)
  • 6.0 nm (100 µm slit)
  • 12.0 nm (200 µm slit)
Stray light: ≤0.25% at 590 nm
Fiber optic connector: SMA 905

UpDown 2016-06-19 Quick Guide

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 6 in
Slit Size

10 um, 100 um, 200 um, 25 um, 50 um, Select


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