SE-Flame-RAD Ocean Optics Radiometry Spectrometer 350 – 1000nm



The SE-FLAME-RAD is a VIS NIR Flame spectrometer equipped with a fiber and cosine corrector. The kit includes an HL-3P-CAL radiometric calibration lamp – standard light source. The system provides spectro-radiometric measurements of planar irradiance (uW/cm2/nm). The software presents many different calculations of energy, irradiance, CIE color, PAR and associated scales.

 System Components:
SE-FLAME-RAD  radiometer Bundle
Flame-T-VIS-NIR FLAME-T-VIS-NIR Spectrometer 350 – 1000nm, 25um slit, 1.5nm FWHM 1
QP400-2-VIS-NIR 400 um Premium Fiber, VIS/NIR, 2 m 1
CC-3 Cosine Corrector with opaline glass diffusing material 1
Oceanview OceanView spectroscopy software with graphical user interface; 1 license (2 installations, accessible by download only from our secure server) 1
HL-3P-CAL HL-3 plus Vis-NIR Calibrated Light Source 1

hl3p cal manual

Flame Manual

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 8 in


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