Raman Systems



Raman Systems bundle all the items needed for a complete system. The components are all optimized for the chosen excitation wavelength. The parts  include:

QEPro-Raman Spectrometer.   Cooled back thinned array detector, custom configured for 532, 638, 785 or 1064 nm lasers.

Example Configurations and Predicted Performance

QE Pro with 532 nm Raman Laser Excitation
Grating Slit Raman Shift Resolution
1200 lines/mm 10 µm 150-4000 cm-1 ~8 cm-1
1200 lines/mm 25 µm 150-4000 cm-1 ~10 cm-1
600 lines/mm 10 µm 150-7500 cm-1 ~16 cm-1
600 lines/mm 25 µm 150-7500 cm-1 ~19 cm-1
QE Pro with 785 nm Raman Laser Excitation
Grating Slit Raman Shift Resolution
1200 lines/mm 50 µm 150-2100 cm-1 ~6 cm-1
1200 lines/mm 100 µm 150-2100 cm-1 ~8 cm-1
600 lines/mm 50 µm 150-3950 cm-1 ~13 cm-1
600 lines/mm 100 µm 150-3950 cm-1 ~18 cm-1

Raman Laser.  Highly stabilized lab laser with adjustable power level, safety interlock and safety googles. Ocean Optics offers high power lasers for Raman excitation wavelengths of 532, 638, 785 and 1064 nm. These multimode diode lasers produce narrow spectral lines, have integrated laser drivers and are thermoelectrically cooled for optimum performance. Options are available with adjustable output power and with SMA 905 or FC fiber connections.

Fiber Optic Raman Probe.  Built in filters and focussing optics for sampling through vials or on solid surfaces

Engineering Specifications RPB Probes
Excitation wavelengths: 532, 638, 785 and 1064 nm (standard)
Spectral range:* 300 – 3900 cm-1 
Laser line blocking: OD 6
Sampling head: Anodized aluminum
Probe length: 107 mm
Probe diameter: 12.7 mm
Working distance: 7.5 mm (standard)
Fiber configuration: Excitation and collection fibers; 0.22 NA
Fiber length: 1.5 m
Fiber connectors: FC (standard) and SMA 905
Built-in safety shutter: Yes


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