Raman Fiber Optic Probe RIP-RPB-785-SMA-FC

RIP-RPB-785-SMA-FC Raman General Purpose probe



Our RPB and RPS Raman probes are versatile sampling accessories for lab applications. The general purpose fiber optic probes are available for 532, 638, 785 and 1064 nm with FC and SMA 905 connectors for excitation and collection fibers. RPB probes are anodized aluminum with a stainless steel tip and include a manual safety shutter; RPS probes are stainless steel and include an emission indicator. These are non-immersion Raman probes that are ideal for measurement of solids and surfaces and for measurement through glass and plastics.

Engineering SpecificationsRPB ProbesRPS Probes
Excitation wavelengths:532, 638, 785 and 1064 nm (standard)532 nm and 785 nm (standard)
Spectral range:*300 – 3900 cm-1 250 – 3900 cm-1 
Laser line blocking:OD 6OD 8
Sampling head:Anodized aluminumStainless steel
Probe length:107 mm76 mm
Probe diameter:12.7 mm12.7 mm
Working distance:7.5 mm (standard)5.0 mm (standard)
Fiber configuration:Excitation and collection fibers; 0.22 NAExcitation and collection fibers; 0.22 NA
Fiber length:1.5 m5 m
Fiber connectors:FC (standard) and SMA 905FC (standard) and SMA 905
Built-in safety shutter:YesNo

*Ultimate spectral range depends on detection range of the spectrometer, and may be more limited

Additional information

Weight3 lbs
Dimensions12 x 12 x 6 in


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