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  • Rent by the week or month!

Rent an InGaAs array based Ocean Optics spectrometer for 900-2200nm range. The NIRQuest512-2.2  NIR spectrometer features a cooled enhanced 512 element InGaAs array, fiber optic input, USB operation and a wide variety of fibers and light sources for absorbance, reflection or emission measurements. Spectrometer rental is by the week. Please call with your requirements for sampling optics and to reserve a date.

  • Rent credit towards purchase!  50% of rents paid can be applied to the purchase of a new system (up to 50% of the purchase price).

The NIRQuest 512-2.2 spectrometer system can be set up for measuring absorbance, reflection or spectroradiometry.

  • Absorbance — integrated VIS-NIR lightsource (ECOVIS) with holder for 1cm cuvettes
  • Reflection — 6 around 1 fiber optic reflection probe, with  light source, and probe holder (user must provide or purchase our WS-1 white reflection standard
  • Radiometry – fiber with cosine corrector or integrating sphere, factory calibrated for irradiance or total power output (radiance)
  • Wavelength – peak, FWHM, spectral distribution
  • Oceanview software – provides integrated power, reflection, absorbance, Beers Law and wavelength peak metrics. Customer can use our 10 day free trial or purchase the software for longer rental periods.
Engineering SpecificationsNIRQuest512-2.2
Dimensions:182 x 110 x 47 mm
Weight:1.18 kg (without power supply)
Detector:Hamamatsu G9206-512W
InGaAs linear array
Wavelength range:900-2200 nm w/Grating NIR2
Integration time:1 ms – 1 s
Dynamic range:7.5 x 106 (system);
10000:1 for a single acquisition
Signal-to-noise ratio:10000:1 @ 100 ms integration
Dark noise:6 RMS counts @ 100 ms;
12 RMS counts @ 250 ms
Grating – standard:Grating NIR2, 100 l/mm, 900-2050 nm
Grating – custom:NIR2, NIR3, NIR10, NIR11, NIR12 and NIR13
Standard slit:25 µm
Custom slits:10 µm, 50 µm, 100 µm and 200 µm
(or no slit)
Order-sorting:OF1-RG830 longpass NIR filter (optional)
Optical resolution:~5 nm FWHM w/25 µm slit
Fiber optic connector:SMA 905
  • Rental units limited to US

Additional information

Weight10 lbs
Dimensions13 × 16 × 6 in
Rental period

month, week


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