#R4 Rent Jaz UV-VIS Spectro-radiometer




Rent a JAZ or USB4000 UV-VIS Spectroradiometer by the week or month!

Pay online but be sure to calls us to let reserve the dates!  Email or call to describe your experiments so we can send the appropriate setup.

  • 200-850nm, 1.5nm FWHM
  • fiber with cosine corrector, factory calibrated to measure spectral irradiance.  
  • USB4000 works with your notebook PC via USB.  The JAZ version is fully portable and can save data on SD cards
  • Rental Credits! – 50% of rent payments can be applied towards the purchase of a new system (up to 50% of the sales price).

  • Optional setup for measuring UV-VIS reflection is available, fiber optic reflection probe and JAZ-PX pulsed xenon UV-VIS source. Call for details.
  • Oceanview software works with the JAZ or the USB4000-UV-VIS and provides full set of features for radiometric and photopic parameters, CIE color calculations, PAR and biological parameters etc.  Use our 10 day free trial or purchase Oceanview for longer rental periods.
  • JAZ-A-IRRAD provides real time irradiance spectra and basic parameters for using the JAZ in portable mode. JAZ-A-IRRAD will come with your Jaz rental.

spectroradiometer for rent, UV-VIS and portable versions

Engineering Specifications JAZ-EL200 radiometer
Spectrometer module: Single channel
Wavelength range: 200-850 nm
Dimensions: 109.2 mm x 63.5 mm x 57 mm
Weight: 352 g
Battery module: Included
Software: OceanView
Grating: #1 (200-850 nm)
Slit (entrance aperture): 200 µm
Detector collection lens: L2
UV enhanced window: Yes, installed with detector
Order-sorting filter: OFLV-200-850
Optical resolution: 5 nm FWHM

Rentals only available in the US

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 8 in
Rental period

month, week


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