#R1 Spectrophotometer Rental — CHEMUSB4 UV-VIS Absorbance




The CHEMUSB4-UV-VIS is fast, complete scans in milliseconds, reliable, high resolution UV-VIS spectrophotometer that plugs into the USB port of your computer.

The wavelength range is 200-850nm. Resolution is ~1.5nm FWHM.  The light source/cuvette holder works with standard 1cm cuvettes (OD 12.5 x 12.5mm) including quartz and polymer (disposable) types. Some plastic cuvettes are included. If you need quartz cuvettes add those to your order!

Rent is by the week or month, starting with the day you recieve it unitl the day you ship it back.

You can pay online but call us to reserve your unit and to tell us when you want it to arrive.

Physical Specifications CHEMUSB4-UV-VIS and CHEMUSB4-VIS-NIR
Spectrometer dimensions: 89.1 mm x 63.3 mm x 34.4 mm
Spectrometer weight: 190 g
Light source dimensions: 89.1 mm x 77.79 mm x 34.4 mm (UV-VIS)
40.7 mm x 88.8 mm x 34.1 mm (VIS-NIR)
Light source weight: 200 g (UV-VIS)
130 g (VIS-NIR)
Detector Specifications
Detector: Toshiba TCD1304AP Linear CCD array
Pixels: 3648 pixels
Pixel size: 8 µm x 200 µm
Pixel well depth: 100,000 electrons
Sensitivity: 130 photons/count at 400 nm; 60 photons/count at 600 nm
Optical Bench
Design: f/4, Asymmetrical crossed Czerny-Turner
Focal length: 42 mm input; 68 mm output
Entrance aperture: 25 µm wide slit
Wavelength range: 210-880 nm (UV-VIS)
370-985 nm (VIS-NIR)
Optical resolution: 1.0 nm FWHM
Signal-to-noise ratio: 300:1 (maximum signal)
A/D resolution: 16 bit
Dark noise: 50 RMS counts
Integration time: 3.8 ms to 10 seconds
Dynamic range: 3.4 x 106 (system); 1300:1 for a single acquisition
Stray light: <0.05% at 600 nm; 0.10% at 435 nm


Specifications for illuminated cuvette holders

Engineering Specifications USB-ISS-UV-VIS-2 USB-ISS-VIS
Dimensions: 198 mm x 105.1 mm x 40.6 mm 198 mm x 104.9 mm x 40.9 mm
Weight: 200 g 400 g
Wavelength range: ~200-1100 nm 390-900 nm
Cuvette pathlength: 1 cm 1 cm
Cuvette Z dimension: 15 mm 15 mm
Light source: Deuterium-tungsten Tungsten-violet LEDs
Bulb life (hours): 800 deuterium; 2,000 tungsten 2,000 tungsten; 45,000 LEDs
  • Rental units only available in the US

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 8 x 6 in
Rental period

month, week


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