QE PRO-ABS Fiber Optic Spectrometer for Absorbance by Ocean Optics




The QEPRO is the most sensitive spectrometer we have ever developed. The Hamamatsu FFT-CCD detector used in the QE65PRO-ABS provides 90% quantum efficiency. The 2D area detector allows for binning a vertical row of pixels, which offers significant improvement in the signal-to-noise ratio (>1000:1). Excellent UV Response — Because the detector in the QEPRO-ABS is back-thinned (or back-illuminated), it has great native response in the UV and does not require phosphor coatings that are typically applied to other CCD detectors. This QE PRO-ABS Ocean Optics spectrometer features user changeable slits and even user changeable SMA to FC fiber ports.

Portable– small footprint, light weight, fiber optic based spectrometer for the field

  • Sensitive – high quantum efficiency detector
  • Powerful – signal-to-noise ratio of >1000:1
  • Stable – cooled detector allows low light detection and prevents spectral distortion
Engineering Specifications QE Pro-ABS
Dimensions: (L x W x H) mm and inches 182 mm (7.17 in.) x 110 mm (4.33 in.) x 47 mm (1.85 in.)
Weight: kg and lb spectrometer: 1.15 kg (2.6 lbs.); power supply: 0.45 kg (1 lb.)
Type: Hamamatsu scientific grade, back-thinned, TE Cooled, 1044 x 64 element CCD array
Range: 185 – 1100 nm
Quantum efficiency: 90% (peak)
Wavelength range: 200 – 950 nm
Integration time: 8 ms to 60 minutes
Dynamic range: ~85,000:1
Signal-to-noise ratio: System: 1000:1 (single acquisition)
Grating: 14 gratings available (H1–H14), HC1 grating
Slit: 5, 10, 25, 50, 100 or 200 µm wide slits (or SMA/FC bulkhead with no slit)
Optical resolution: 0.14 – 7.7 nm (Depends on grating and size of entrance aperture)
Stray light: <0.08% at 600 nm; 0.4% at 435 nm
Buffering: 15,000 spectra
Fiber optic connector: SMA 905 and Ocean Optics FC
Power requirement: Supply voltage: 4.5 – 5.5 V
Strobe functions: continuous and single strobe
Interfaces: USB 2.0, 480 Mbps (USB 1.1 compatible); RS-232 (5-wire)
Temperature: TE Cooler can only cool 40 °C below ambient temperature; Operation: -40 °C to +50 °C
Humidity: ≤ 90% noncondensing

QEPro Manual


Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 6 in
QE shutter

Internal shutter installed, No Shutter


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