SE-202228 Plastic UV cuvette 4 sides for Fluorescence, macro bulk


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UV methyl methacrylate square cuvettes with 4 clear sides are excellent for fluorescence measurements. The wavelength range for this disposable fluorescence cuvette is 275nm to 850nm. 100 or 500/pk. Uses square covers (ordered separately)

Spectrecology 4 sided plastic UV-VIS cuvettes

Chemical compatibility (look at the PMMA column)


Chemical PS PMMA UV
Acetic acid (96%) Poor Poor Excellent
Acetone Poor Poor Excellent
Acetonitrile Poor Poor Excellent
Benzene Poor Poor Poor
Butanone (methyl ethyl ketone, MEK) Poor Poor Excellent
Carbon Tetrachloride Poor Poor Poor
Chloroform Poor Poor Poor
Diethy Ether Poor Poor Marginal
Dimethyl Sulfoxide Marginal Poor Excellent
Ethanol Poor Poor Excellent
Formaldehye (40%) Poor Poor Excellent
Heptane Poor Marginal Poor
Hexane Poor Excellent Poor
Hydrochloric Acid (32%) Marginal Poor Excellent
Isopropanol Marginal Marginal Excellent
n-Pentane Poor Poor Poor
Oleic Acid Poor Poor Poor
Perchloric Acid (10%) Poor Poor Excellent
Petroleum Ether Poor Poor Marginal
Phenol Poor Poor Excellent
Sodium Hydroxide Excellent Poor Excellent
Sulfuric Acid Poor Poor Excellent
Trichloroacetic Acid Poor Poor Excellent
Trichloroethylene Poor Poor Poor
Toluene Poor Poor Poor

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