The Ocean Insight (aka Ocean Optics) HDX-UV-Vis spectrometer is a UV-VIS spectrometer, preconfigured for 200 – 800 nm with 10 µm slit.

Detector: Back-thinned CCD

Spectral range: 200-1100 nm

Optical Resolution: 0.61-0.72 nm FWHM*

Integration time: 6 ms – 10 seconds

Dynamic range: 10,000:1

Throughput: f/4 cone on detector with 300 μm fiber

Stray light: >3 AU

Thermal stability: +/-0.5 pixels over 0-45 °C

Communications: USB, Gigabit Ethernet, Wi-Fi, SPI, RS232

Operating temp: 0-45 °C

Weight: 400 g

Size (millimeters): 88.9 x 63.5 x 52.4

*Average over the entire spectral range using 10 μm slit


  1. New HD Optics. Trusted Ocean Optics optical innovation pushes the boundaries.
    1. Up to 20% better resolution than Flame
    2. Amazing peak symmetry across the UV, VIS and NIR wavelengths
    3. High Throughput
    4. Low Stray Light
    5. Very tight Thermal Stability for consistent results and performance as temperature fluctuates.  Great for industrial applications.
    6. Highly sensitive back-thinned CCD can handle low light applications.
  2. X-platform – Powerful processor capabilities onboard
    1. Onboard Processing. X-platform onboard averaging available to accelerate analysis times and increase SNR prior to transferring spectra
    2. Onboard Memory that can capture up to 50,000 spectra
    3. Versatile communication options including USB, Gigabit Ethernet, WiFi, AP WiFi and SPI.  Gigabit Ethernet provides high speed, long distance communications while WiFi and AP WiFi eliminate cables and connect wirelessly to other devices (e.g., tablets, routers, laptops)

Tech Tip    The Ocean HDX does have lower stray light, and should exhibit better photometric linearity in absorbance readings. However, non-linearity corrections determined at the Ocean factory are flawed in that they are not calculated for readings below a certain threshold. This causes an error in the correction algorithm and false elevates low readings and diminishing higher absorbance values. It is best to recalculate the linearity correction or not use it at all.

      1. Ocean-HDX_Users_Guide_Ver_01.1

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 4 in


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