LED modules, single wavelength, for PHOS-4 temperature regulated supplies




Phos-4 Interchangeable LED modules

The LED modules designed to fit to the Phos-4 are fully interchangeable. They contain EEPROM memory so that when it is connected its operation will be limited to the safe current and temperature range, specific to that LED. The memory also stores the last operating current and temperature for the device. These values are automatically used when the device is next powered on.

The modules are installed on a precision dove-tail rail for easy alignment with the fiber optic connector and the lens (in the Phos-4-P model).

You must buy the LEDS separately, they do not come with the PHS-4 units.

Single wavelength – single die LEDS

LEDS - Spectrecology

Single wavelength – single die LEDS

LED Module Description Peak / Dominant FWHM Total Power LED Type Risk Group
P4-UVB-285-171 UV-B285 nm1540 mWSingle DieRG 3
P4-UVA-340-MTS UV-A340 nm1055 mWSingle DieExempt
P4-UVA-365-276 UV-A365 nm10195 mWSingle DieExempt
P4-UVA-365-510 UV-A365 nm10195 mWSingle DieExempt
P4-VIS-450-BRY VIS450 nm20175 mWSingle DieRG 2
P4-VIS-475-BBL VIS475 nm30165 mWSingle DieRG 2
P4-VIS-530-BGR VIS530 nm40125 mWSingle DieExempt
P4-VIS-590-BAM VIS590 nm15130 mWSingle DieExempt
P4-VIS-590-BPA VIS590 nm8580 mWSingle DieExempt
P4-VIS-615-BRO VIS615 nm20145 mWSingle DieExempt
P4-VIS-625-BRD VIS625 nm20150 mWSingle DieExempt
P4-NIR-730-FAR NIR730 nm40130 mWSingle DieExempt
  • Note All wavelengths, colour temperatures and power specifications are subject to LED manufacturers’ tolerances;
  • Availability subject to LED manufacturers’ availability;
  • Risk Group and Hazard are determined according to IEC 62471 or from data provided by the LED manufacturer;
  • Power measured using a wavelength compensated power meter based on a PIN photodiode;
  • EHV = Exposure Hazard Value



Additional information

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions8 × 10 × 3 in
P4 LED Singles

285 nm, 340 nm, 365 nm, 450 nm, 475 nm, 530 nm, 590 nm, 615 nm, 730 nm


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