Flame VIS-NIR Fluorescence Spectrometer 350-1000nm by Ocean




The Flame Vis-NIR fluorescence spectrometer covers 350 – 1000nm and comes with a 200 um slit and L2 lens for low light levels. User changeable slits in other sizes are available for converting to high resolution. We also offer a Flame fiber optic Vis-NIR spectrometer that covers 350-1000nm.

  • Compatible — works with Ocean Optics light sources, accessories and software
  • Easy to use — plug and play via the micro USB connection
  • User interchangeable slit — allows you to vary the resolution and throughput of the spectrometer on demand
  • Indicator LEDs — indicator of power and data transfer status at all times
  • Compact and lightweight  89.1 mm x 63.3 mm x 34.4 mm and just 265 g

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Key FeatureBest ForExample Applications
User Interchangeable SlitsUsers who wish to vary resolution and throughput during measurements, or switch from absorbance to fluorescence in minutesLife science and other labs using a variety of biological samples
Indicator LEDsConvenient visual reference for spectrometer operation and statusTeaching and general lab use
Thermal StabilityApplications that require repeatable results in industrial and other environments with varying temperatures and conditionsLED binning and light metrology, process monitoring
Reduced Unit to Unit VariationOEM applications such as uncalibrated sensitivity and other measurement needs where users benefit from low varianceOEM manufacturers of analytical instrumentation
ConfigurabilityOptimizing your spectrometer for application-specific requirements; adjusting range, throughput and resolution and adding features such as filters as requiredLaser characterization, low signal fluorescence and optimizing for specific absorbance bands
Plug & Play OperationUsers that want the convenience of simple, fast operation via the microUSB connection; enables users to take the measurement to the sampleRemote sensing measurements in the field, including air and water quality monitoring and solar irradiance
Ease of IntegrationOEMs and developers who need to integrate a spectrometer as part of a system via microUSB, RS-232, I2C or SPI­­­­Engineering labs, developers, OEM manufacturers; works with LabVIEW and other design platforms
Optical resolution:~.5 – 10.0 nm FWHM (slitdependent)
Signal-to-noise ratio:250:1 (full signal)
Dark noise:50 RMS counts
Dynamic range:1300:1 for a single acquisition, 8.5 x 10^7 (system);
Integration time:1 ms – 65 seconds
Stray light:<0.05% at 600 nm; <0.10% at 435 nm
Corrected linearity:>99%
A/D resolution:16 bit
Power consumption:250 mA @ 5 VDC
Inputs/Outputs:8 x  user programmable GPIOs
Trigger modes:4 modes
Strobe functions:Yes
Gated delay feature:Yes
Connectors:USB, high density 40 pin JAE DD4 connector
Detector:Sony ILX511B linear silicon CCD array
Range350 – 1000 nm
Pixels:2048 pixels
Dimensions:88.9 mm x 63.5 mm x 31.9 mm (34.4 mm with feet)
Weight:265 g

Flame Manual


Additional information

Weight5 lbs
Dimensions12 × 12 × 6 in

+ES enhanced sensitivity lens, no lens


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