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Flame NIR Fiber Optic Spectrometer 950 – 1650nm by Ocean Insight


FLAME uncooled NIR spectrometer


Ocean Insight (aka Ocean Optics) low cost FLAME-NIR spectrometer 950 – 1650nm

Combining the small size of the Flame optical bench with a new uncooled InGaAs detector, the Flame fiber optic NIR spectrometer opens a new frontier in NIR spectroscopy. Without thermoelectric cooling, the Flame-NIR’s power consumption needs are ultra-low and make the Flame-NIR ideal for integration into handheld and portable systems.

The Flame fiber optic NIR spectrometer benefits from all the advantages of the Flame product line, including interchangeable slits and low unit to unit variability. The Flame NIR spectrometer is an ideal choice for many NIR  applications including moisture measurement, grain and feed quality, measurement of fats and oils and pharmaceutical ingredients blending. We also offer a Flame fiber optic UV-Vis spectrometer (200-850nm) and a Vis-NIR spectrometer (350-1000nm).

Modular — configurable to your application and needs within the wavelength range 1000-1650 nm

  • Compatible — works with Ocean Optics light sources, accessories and software
  • Easy to use — plug and play via the micro USB connection
  • User interchangeable slit — allows you to vary the resolution and throughput of the spectrometer on demand
  • Indicator LEDs — indicator of power and data transfer status at all times
  • Compact and lightweight  89.1 mm x 63.3 mm x 34.4 mm and just 265 g

FlameNIR User Manual

Specifications FLAME-NIR
Optical resolution: ~12.0 nm FWHM (configuration dependent)
Signal-to-noise ratio: 9000:1 (full signal)
Integration time: 1 ms → 10 seconds
Detector: Hamamatsu G8160-03
Pixels: 128
Dimensions: 89.1 mm x 63.3 mm x 31.9 mm (34.4 mm with feet)
Weight: 265 g

NIR spectroscopy is a powerful method for identifying, classifying and characterizing an extensive range of samples. NIR spectroscopy is fast, non-destructive and requires little or no sample preparation. Flame-NIR operation is as simple as plugging in the micro-USB connector. When combined with our light sources and sampling accessories, the Flame-NIR is ideal for reflectance, irradiance and transmission measurements.

Tech Tip  This unit is ~ half as sensitive as the NIRQuest models, and it has 1/4th as many pixels. The uncooled detector will have a higher dark current than cooled NIRQuest units.

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 6 in


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