DOpO2-Probe USB Oxygen Sensor


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DOpO2-Probe optical Oxygen sensor

DOpO2-probe is our newest totally integrated optical oxygen sensor. DOpO2 uses our high stability Zero-Drift fluorophores in sensor caps or optical fiber probes (sold separately) to measure pO2 through dynamic quenching of fluorescence. The DOpO2 sensor is waterproof, includes all electronics, signal processing, calibration coefficients and settings required to calculate and report fluorescence decay (Tau), pO2, O2 concentration and temperature in real time.

The standard DOpO2 uses a USB interface to communicate with full featured Windows based DOpO2 Viewer software.

An optional communication board (DOPO2-Probe-Board offers additional communications protocols including blue tooth (with a smart phone app for remote monitoring),  and USB,RS485,4-20mA analog output

DOpO2 Viewer software - SpectrecologyDOpO2 phase fluorescence O2 sensor - Spectrecology

The DOpO2 unit is flexible!

You can use the optical USB oxygen sensor with a DOpO2-RC sensor cap. The cap screws onto the optical port and holds the sensor substrate disc securely in the optical path.  Caps can be changed to use different sensor chemistries — AP for gases and aqueous solutions, HCR for hydrocarbons.  The sensor discs in the caps can also be supplied with overcoats — none, white reflective (for signal enhancement, or black (for eliminating ambient light and UV)

Or, you can attach any of our optical fiber sensors to the sensor tip. Fiber sensors come in a variety of lengths, and chemistries.

DOpO2 with optical fiber sensor - Spectrecology

DOpO2 is low cost!

DOpO2 electronics provide more stable signals and at half the cost of our traditional Neofox modular versions.

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 6 in

black acrylic, black med grade silicone, none (transparent), white


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