DOpO2-Fiber Optic module for fiber optic O2 sensors


All in one box Electro-Optics module for fiber optic oxygen sensor /USB,RS485,4-20mA analog output,bluetooth, embedded USB rechargeable battery, external thermistor/Fiber optic interface. Fiber optic sensor not included.

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DOpO2-Fiber Optic

Electro optical module for use with fiber optic sensors (sold separately)

DOPO2-FIBER OPTICS is an electro-optical module that is designed for coupling to optical fiber sensors for remote monitoring of dissolved oxygen and gas. It can be used with a variety of fiber optics with different sizes from large field applications to very small (needle-size) biological environments. It also has Bluetooth capabilities and a built-in USB rechargeable battery.  Communication module embedded into it supports

  • 4-20mA analog output
  • RS485
  • USB
  • External temperature sensor interface
  • Bluetooth for android devices

     DOPO2-FIBER OPTICS system should be attached to fiber-optic oxygen probes with different sizes with an embedded temperature sensor, allowing remote monitoring of dissolved oxygen in small spaces.

      DOPO2-FIBER OPTICS system is equipped with a rechargeable internal battery that can be charged from a USB port and it runs for 8 hours when it is fully charged.

      The user can connect it to a PC via USB and saves data in a Microsoft Excel format or use it with an android device through Bluetooth and saves his data in CSV format.

   Similar to DOpO2-PRO, it can be configured with single-channel LED excitation and detection, and modulation frequencies up to 31.2 kHz.

       Fiber Optic probe is not included in the price.

Principle: Photoluminescence quenching using organo-metallic compounds in sol-gel host
Parameters measured: Gaseous oxygen partial pressure, dissolved oxygen concentration, temperature, pressure (via onboard pressure transducer)
Compatibility: Gases, liquids, Hydrocarbons, Fuels, Organic Solvents, Oils
Control Software: Windows 7, 8, 10 control software with data logging capability; controls include: modulation frequency, data rate, signal averaging, LED gain, LED intensity
Sampling Rate: Acquires data samples every 1 second (1 Hz)
(Software can be configured to different sample rates)
NOTE: This is not the response speed of the probe, just the rate at which the probe is digitally sampled
Pressure Measurement: On-board pressure transducer monitors atmospheric pressure
4-20 mA Output Accuracy (at 25˚C): +/- 0.1%
Electronics Operating Temperature Range: 0 °C -55 °C
External Power Supply Voltage Range: 4.75 to 5.25V
Power Consumption: 100 mA
Communications: Wireless through Android app, USB, 4-20mA analog output, and RS485


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