CC-3-UV-S Spectralon cosine corrector

Cosine Corrector with Spectralon diffusing material


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These CC-3-UV-S Ocean Optics cosine correctors couple to optical fibers and spectrometers for relative and absolute spectral intensity measurements, for emissive color applications, and for evaluation of light sources such as LEDs and lasers. When the CC-3 and CC-3-UV are screwed onto the end of an optical fiber, the cosine corrector and optical fiber become and irradiance probe. The probe couples to one of our spectrometers to measure the intensity of light normal to the probe surface. Diffusing Material: Spectralon Wavelength Range: 200-1000 nm Dimensions: 6.35 mm OD Field of View: 180d

Engineering Specifications CC-3 CC-3-UV-S CC-3-UV-T CC-3-DA
Optical diffuser: Opaline glass Spectralon PTFE Spectralon
Wavelength range: 350-1000 nm 200-2500 nm 200-750 nm 200-2500 nm
Dimensions (OD): 6.35 mm 6.35 mm 6.35 mm 12.7 mm
Diffuser (diameter): 3900 µm 3900 µm 3900 µm 7140 µm
Field of View: 180° 180° 180° 180°
Attaches to: Fiber Fiber Fiber Spectrometer
Replacement diffuser: Yes Yes Yes Yes, with restrictions*

* In spectroradiometrically calibrated setups, the CC-3-DA must remain attached to the spectrometer to maintain calibration. Removal of the CC-3-DA to replace the diffuser would require recalibration of the setup. We also offer the CC-3-DA cosine corrector direct spectrometer attachment.

CC-3 instructions

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Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 2 in


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