ZERO DRIFT Optical O2 Sensors

Zero Drift Optical Oxygen Sensors feature AP chemistry for aqueous samples and HCR chemistry for hydrocarbon samples. These optical O2 sensors are available as dip coated fibers, process probes and sensing patches.

DOPO2 Optical O2 sensor - Spectrecology
Fiber Optic oxygen sensor DOPO2-PROBE

DOpO2-Fiber Optic module for fiber optic O2 sensors


DOPO2 Optical O2 sensor - Spectrecology

DOpO2-Probe USB Oxygen Sensor


DOpO2 sensor cap with black overcoated O2 sensor disc - Spectrecology

SEOX-DOPO2-RC removable Sensor Cap for DOpO2 oxygen sensor


SEOX Patch in bottle

Oxygen Sensor Patches (5/pk) SEOX-PATCH-A Zero Drift AP


Spectrecology DIP O2 sensor with thermistor

DPT-AP Fiber Optic Sensor for DOpO2



SEOX-PATCH-HCR Optical O2 sensor patches for solvents 5/pk


NeoFox-Sport-1 (1)

NEOFOX Optical Oxygen Sensor Electronics


SEOX Neofox TP

NEOFOX-TP Temperature Probe


SEOX PT38 drawing complete

RCT O2 Sensor for Neofox – screw cap & embedded thermistor, 1/4″ OD


splice bushings for SMA to SMA fiber connection - Spectrecology

21-02 splice bushings


BB Style Bifurcated fiber for O2 sensors

Bifurcated fiber for Oxygen Sensors BB-1000


O2 sensors for Neofox

DOpO2 Reflection Probe for Oxygen Sensor Discs RP-125


O2 sensors for Neofox

Reflection Probe for Oxygen Sensor Discs SEOX-BB-125


SEOX PT38 Sensor Cap

Zero Drift Sensor Cap for RCT style O2 sensors