FLAME Spectrometers by Ocean Insight

These Ocean Insight (aka Ocean Optics) FLAME spectrometers and spectrophotometers feature thermal stability and user changeable slits.

Flame-VIS-NIR by Ocean Optics
Flame-VIS-NIR by Ocean Optics

Flame UV-VIS Fiber Optic Spectrometer 200 – 850nm by Ocean Insight


Flame-VIS-NIR by Ocean Optics

Flame VIS-NIR Fiber Optic Spectrometer 350-1000nm by Ocean Insight



Flame NIR Fiber Optic Spectrometer 950 – 1650nm by Ocean Insight


Flame-VIS-NIR by Ocean Optics

Flame XR1 Extended Range Fiber Optic Spectrometer 200 – 1025nm


Flame-VIS-NIR by Ocean Optics

Flame VIS-NIR Fluorescence Spectrometer 350-1000nm by Ocean


Flame US-VIS spectrophotometer - Spectrecology

FLAME-CHEM-UV-VIS Spectrophotometer 200-850nm by Ocean Insight


Spectrecology Flame-Chem spectrophotometers

FLAME-CHEM-VIS Spectrophotometer350-1000nm by Ocean Insight


Flame irradiance

SE-Flame-RAD Ocean Optics Radiometry Spectrometer 350 – 1000nm


Flame - Fluorescence 900 pix

SE-Flame-FL Ocean Optics Fluorescence Spectrometer System 350 – 1000nm


Flame for reflectance

SE-Flame-Reflectance VIS-NIR reflection spectrometer by Ocean



SE-Flame-ABS UV-VIS Ocean Optics Spectrophotometer 200 – 850nm



SE-Flame-REFLECTANCE VIS SWIR reflection spectrometer



INTSMA-KIT User Inter-Changeable Spectrometer Slits