Rent Spectrometers by week or month, UV-VIS-NIR

Rent Ocean Optics spectrometers and equipment by the week or month. Visit our main site to get more details about our spectrometer rental program.

NIRQuest new

#R8 NIR Spectrometer Rental — Ocean Optics NIRQuest512-2.2 NIR for radiometry or reflectance



#R1 CHEMUSB4 UV-VIS for RENT – Absorbance Spectrophotometer 200-850nm


STS-VIS-1-960x960 (1)

#R10 Spectrometer Rental — STS-VIS 350-800nm Ocean Optics


1317571723889-223096445 (1)

#R9 Rent HG-1 Argon Wavelength Calibration Ocean Optics source



#R11 Rent Ocean Optics Reflection sampling, Lamp, probe, holder


13036761980511732331530 (5)

#R14 Rent Ocean Optics JAZ spectrometer 200-850nm, reflectivity



#R2 VIS Spectroradiometer Rental – with fiber & cosine corrector or sphere



#R3 Rent Ocean Optics Spectroradiometer – UV-VIS Irradiance


13036761980511732331530 (1)

#R4 Rent Jaz UV-VIS Spectro-radiometer



#R5 Raman Spectrometer Rental – IDRaman 785nm handheld Raman


13036761980511732331530 (2)

#R7 Rent Ocean Optics JAZ spectrometer 350-1000, for reflection