Optical Sampling Accessories

74-ACH-copy-300 x 300
right angle fiber collimating lens - Spectrecology

74-90-UV right angle collimator



74-ACH Adjustable Collimation Lens holder


1" fiber optic collimating lens - Spectrecology

84-UV-25 long distance collimator


curved surface reflection probe holder - Spectrecology

CSH Curved Surface Reflection Probe Holder


fiber optic integrating sphere - Spectrecology




FVA-UV Fiber Optic Variable attenuator


Gershun tube fiber optic kit - Spectrecology

GER-KIT Gershum tube


Fiber optic integrating spheres - Spectrecology

ISP Integrating Spheres



ISP-REF Illuminated Integrating sphere


holder for collimating lenses on post mount - Spectrecology

OPM-SMA Collimating lens holder and post mount


Ocean Optics Reflection Transmission Stage - Spectrecology

Stage RTL-T Reflection-transmission optical stage


fiber optic cosine corrector - Spectrecology

CC-3-UV-S Spectralon cosine corrector


QR400 Reflection Probe - Spectrecology

QR Extreme Solarization Resistant XSR Fiber Reflection Probe


direct attach cosine corrector - Spectrecology

Cosine Corrector CC-3-DA direct attach


Cuvette holder absorbance and fluorescence - Spectrecology

CUV-ALL-UV Fiber Optic 4 way Cuvette Holder


reflection probe holder rph-1 - Spectrecology

RPH-1 Ocean Optics Reflection Probe holder