Quartz cells for Fluorescence

These quartz cell/cuvettes have 4 clear sides for 90 degree excitation/emission. Ideal for measuring fluorescence. Visit our main site to learn more about our quartz cuvettes.

S 4SB and 24SB(1)

16F style Quartz Cuvette Sub-micro, Fluorescence


micro fluorometer cell - Spectrecology

18F-Q-10 Style Quartz Cuvette Open Top micro Fluorescence



23-3 Q- Quartz Fluorometer micro square cells stoppered



23-I Style IR Quartz Cuvette Fluorescence Stopper Top 5-40mm


12451894785401023528674 (2)

23-Q Style Quartz Cuvette Fluorescence Stopper Top 5-40mm


Cuvette, fluorescence Spectrecology

28F-Q-10 Quartz Cuvette Stopper Top micro Fluorescence


Fluorescence cell 29F-Q-10 Spectrecology

29F-Q-10 Quartz Cuvette Stopper Top semi-micro Fluorescence



3 and 9F-Q-10-GL14 Fluorescence cell with screw cap


square micro fluorescence cuvettes - Spectrecology

3-3.30 Quartz Fluorometer micro square cells



3-Q Style Quartz Cuvette open top standard, Fluorescence



4 SB Triangular Fluorescence cuvette



46F and 47F Quartz Flow Cell, In Line


fluorescence flow cells-Spectrecology

583F Style Fluorescence Flow Cell M6 threads


fluorometer flow cell - Spectrecology

71F-Q Quartz Flow Cell, Fluorescence


Dye laser cells with finer flatness

DLC Dye Laser Cells


sealing cap

GL14-C Cap only for screw top cuvettes