Cuvettes All Styles

Save on high quality totally fused silica spectrometer cuvettes available in UV quartz, IR quartz, glass, plastic, and disposable types.

Spectrecology cuvettes all styles

585.1 Style Ultra Micro Flow Cell round aperture


S 585_2 sub micro

585.2 Style Flow Cell sub micro round aperture


S 585_3_Q series flow cells round aperture

585.3 Style Flow Cell round aperture


S Constant temp cell square

62 63 Quartz Cuvette Constant Temperature cell


S constant temp cells cylindrical

65-Q Style Cylindrical Quartz Cuvette with water jacket


S Spectrometer Flow Cell

71-Q-10 Quartz Flow Cell, Absorbance


fluorometer flow cell - Spectrecology

71F-Q Quartz Flow Cell, Fluorescence



9-Q Quartz Cuvette Open Top Semi Micro, Absorbance


S 93 96 97 colorimeter

93 Hunter Colorimeter Cells


S 93 96 97 colorimeter (1)

96 Xrite Colorimeter Cells



97-G-40H CP Colorimeter Cells



9B-Q Quartz Cuvette Open Top Semi Micro, Absorbance, self mask


GL14B semi and micro

B-Q-10-GL14 Quartz Cuvette Self Masking Screw Cap



CH Cell Holders


holder for short path cuvettes - Spectrecology

CH2049 Cell holder for de-mountable cells


Dye laser cells with finer flatness

DLC Dye Laser Cells