Cuvettes All Styles

Save on high quality totally fused silica spectrometer cuvettes available in UV quartz, IR quartz, glass, plastic, and disposable types.

Spectrecology cuvettes all styles
S long cylindrical

34-Q Cylindrical Quartz Cuvette long path, Absorbance


S 35

35-Q Cylindrical Quartz Cuvette Wide Aperture


S 37

37-Q Cylindrical Quartz Cuvette with Tube



4 SB Triangular Fluorescence cuvette


S 45

45-Q Quartz Flow Cell, short path In Line for Microscopy


S 46_47

46-Q- Quartz Flow Cell, In Line



46F and 47F Quartz Flow Cell, In Line


S 48

48-Q- Short Path Length Flow Cell Sealed


S 49

49-Q- Short Path Length Flow Cell Demountable


S 53

52-53 -Q Dual pathlength cuvettes


Tandem or divided fcells - Spectrecology

55-56-57-58 Tandem and Divided cuvettes


S 583_4

583.4 Style Flow Cell medium aperture


S 583_65

583.65 Style Flow Cell wide aperture


S 583_65_65

583.65.65 Style Flow Cell wide aperture short window


fluorescence flow cells-Spectrecology

583F Style Fluorescence Flow Cell M6 threads


S 584_4

584.4-Q Style Flow Cellshort pathlength