Disposable Cuvettes

Disposable plastic cuvettes are versatile, no-maintenance sample cells for spectroscopy applications in the UV-Vis (220-900 nm) and Vis-NIR (350-900 nm) regions. Each cuvette has a 1 cm (10 mm) pathlength but varies by filling volume and window dimension. Optional cuvette caps are available in blue, green, orange and yellow. Available with 2 or 4 clear sides for absorbance and fluorescence.


Disposable ultra micro UV cuvette 759220


Dispo UV Macro

Disposable macro UV cuvette 759170


Spectrecology 4 sided plastic UV-VIS cuvettes

SE-202228 Plastic UV cuvette 4 sides for Fluorescence, macro bulk


spectrecology cuvettes

SE-111117 Disposable macro 2 sided cuvette VIS


disposable cuvette 4 clear sides

SE-202295 Disposable macro Fluorescence 4 sided cuvette VIS



CVD-COVER Square Cuvette Covers


Pipette Transfer mini - Spectrecology

Transfer Pipette Disposable mini 1.7ml


Pipet Transfer long neck

Transfer Pipette Disposable 4.5ml long narrow stem


cuvette rack 12 place 330W

Cuvette Rack, SE-111168