Cuvette Holders

Find sample optics and integrated systems for solutions in cuvettes. We offer illuminated, fiber optic, and more types of cuvette holders.

Cuvette holder absorbance and fluorescence - Spectrecology

CUV-ALL-UV Fiber Optic 4 way Cuvette Holder



USB-ISS-VIS Illuminated cuvette holder for Ocean Optics Spectrometers


variable pathlength cuvette holder - fiber optic - Spectrecology

CUV-VAR Fiber Optic Cuvette Holder Adjustable



CUV-UV Fiber Optic Cuvette Holder


10cm fiber optic cuvette holder - Spectrecology

CUV-UV-10 Cuvette Holder 10cm path


absorbance measurement in capillary tube - Spectrecology

CUV-CCE Ocean Optics flow cell for absorbance in capillary tubes


fiber optic collimator - Spectrecology

74-UV fiber optic collimator



USB-ISS-UV-VIS-2 illuminated cuvette holder – Ocean Optics



EcoVis VIS Ocean Optics source and cuvette holder


ecovis spare bulb - Spectrecology

ECOVIS-B bulb for Ocean Optics EcoVis system