STAN-ABS-UV Photometric Absorbance Standards, set of 4, 200-450

Verify the accuracy of your spectrophotometer with our NIST-traceable absorbance standards. The STAN-ABS' polymer-based standards are submicron, non-surface charged, solid spheres in matrixes of ultrapure water. The standards' small bead size, coupled with Brownian motion, ensures that the polymer spheres stay in a homogenous suspension. . The absorbance standards are ready-to-use; preparation time and potential dilution errors are eliminated. All standards are non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, and have a one-year shelf life. The STAN-ABS-UV kit is certified from 200-450 nm. The kit contains a background reference for low, medium, and high absorbance standards.
absorbance standards photometric accuracy for UV
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