PixelSensor multi spectral sensor

PixelSensor 8 wavelength band photodiode array multi-spectral sensor

Wavelength-selective detectors for compact multispectral devices

PixelSensor multi-spectral sensors use exclusive on-chip filtering to pack up to eight wavelength selective photodiodes into a compact array < 1 cm2 for simpler and smaller optical devices.

One PixelSensor typically replaces several components, delivering more signal and shrinking multispectral instruments for applications from portable spectroscopy to fluorescence detection. The PixelSensor VIS splits the visible spectrum into eight discrete color bands. Customized OEM versions are available with userdefined spectral bands.

PixelSensor’s unique wafer-level optical filters suppress background light and enhance passband transmission, improving contrast and sensitivity. Designed for low noise and fast response time, the 20-pin LCC package can be surface or socket mounted. Optional Developer Boards and accessories provide designers with hardware and software tools for rapid prototyping and development – to get you started with spectral sensing in minutes and to help move your device quickly from concept to scalable production.

 The SE-PIXSense-VIS has these 8 wavelength bands -- center wavelength (FWHM) in nm

430nm (10nm)

460nm (10nm)

490nm (10nm)

515nm (15nm)

560nm (15nm)

615nm (15nm)

660nm (20nm)

695nm (10nm)

Sensor Specifications

Spectral Filters Standard & custom spectral bands
(10-100nm FWHM typical)
Spectral Range VIS-NIR (400-1000nm),
Si photodiodes
Package LCC Package (up to 8 spectral bands)


Dimensions 8.9 x 8.9 x 2.4mm
(0.35″ x 0.35″ x 0.1″)
Active Area 1.0 x 0.8mm
(0.04″ x 0.033″)
Volume < 200mm3

Performance Characteristics

Dark current ID VR= 10V   2 8 nA
Shunt resistance RSH VR= 10mV   100   M Ω
Junction capacitance CJ VR= 0V, f=100 kHz
VR= 50V, f=100 kHz
Spectral range ^range Spot scan 400   1100 nm
Breakdown voltage VBR 1= 10µA   75   V
Noise equivalent power NEP VR=5V@ λ = peak   5×10-14   W/√Hz
Response time t RL= 50 Ω, VR= 50V   6.0   ns
Absolute Maximum Rating            
Reverse voltage VBR     75   V
Operating temperature TO   -40 to +80 ° C

OEM Custom Versions

Contact us for custom spectral bands & volume pricing  mike@spectrecology.com

PixelSensor multispectral photodiode - Spectrecology
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