Omnidriver plus Spectral Processing and Manipulation

OmniDriver was created in the Java environment and includes native libraries for select Windows, Macintosh and Linux operating systems. Using OmniDriver, you can develop robust applications to control multiple Ocean Optics USB and/ or Jaz spectrometers and direct-attach devices across these different operating systems. Ocean Optics is the first and only provider in the optical sensing industry to offer this level of cross-platform compatibility. Spectral Processing and Manipulation performs all spectral processing math from subtracting dark to radiometric color analysis. SPAM provides you with the ability to harness the power of Ocean Optics’ spectral processing commands for your own applications and does not require you to use Ocean Optics spectrometers or hardware. SPAM is available as a stand-alone module or as part of the OmniDriver package (OMNI+SPAM).
Omnidriver for Ocean Optics spectrometers is Java based
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