Ocean optics SERS nano gold substrates

Manufactured using an innovative new technique, our gold SERS substrates let you make fast, repeatable SERS measurements for the identification and quantification of SERS-active analytes.Typical applications include trace level detection of explosives and narcotics and precision screening of food ingredients for controlled additives such as melamine and pesticides. SERS substrates also can be used for authentication and anti-counterfeiting applications using SERS-active taggants. Five slides per pack.


Engineering Specifications SERS Substrates
Substrate material: Gold nanoparticles
Active area: 5 mm diameter
Format: Microscope slide format (standard); other form factors available
Sensitivity: ppm to ppb level sensitivity for wide range of analytes
Measurement speed: Sample to results within seconds
Substrate shelf life: ~30 days
Value-priced package: 5 substrates per pack

Ocean Optics SERS substrates are a versatile, general-purpose measurement substrates for many applications. The table below suggests the limit of detection for the QE Pro Raman spectrometer with SERS substrates, using a 785 nm excitation laser with a 1 second integration time. While each analyte will behave differently, these results show how our SERS substrates are a great choice for general-purpose SERS measurements.


Material Why Do I Want to Detect Trace Levels? Modular – QE Pro
BPE BPE can be used as a taggant in fuel as well as in biological samples 1 ppb
TNT The threat of terrorism means the need for quick screening for trace levels of explosives is greater than ever 227 ppm
Melamine Poisonous to humans, especially babies and children at very low levels (<1 ppm) 12 ppm



surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy substrates
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