Ocean Optics Spark Spectral Sensor

Spark – a Revolutionary Spectral Sensor!

Spark comprises a family of spectral sensor products and is available in three formats – a core spectral sensor product and two embeddable, OEM-friendly versions – with the level of integration up to the customer.  The Spark-DET, the smallest version, is at the heart of the plug-and-play core device, and, weighing less than 1g, the Spark-DET is the smallest spectral device on the market.

A spectral sensor is a new class of device that focuses on size, manufacturability, and value, bringing the power of spectroscopy to the sensor market. The Spark also offers users full spectral information in applications previously dominated by RGB photodiode devices.

This novel technology will allow our customers to explore a previously inaccessible world of spectrometry measurements.

The Spark is just as sensitive as our Flame, USB2000+ and STS spectrometers!  See our blog post with details!

The Spark-VIS is the first Ocean Optics spectral sensor to use a solid state optical component in place of the traditional diffraction gratings normally seen in our spectrometer product range. This change has enabled us to reduce the footprint of a spectral device to the size of an electronic component, and to do so for a competitive and accessible cost.

The benefits to the customer are huge: the Spark’s small footprint allows for a wide range of applications – integration into handheld devices, on-line process monitoring, mounting on UAVs – and its low cost brings the power of spectroscopy both to the bulk market and to the individual user.

The Spark-VIS is capable of detecting light in the 380-700 nm wavelength range, making it ideal for color, absorbance and fluorescence measurements in educational and industrial environments.

S pectral sensor —Visible range (380-700 nm) sensor for a range of applications

  • P ortable — the Spark is highly compact and can be used in the lab, in the field, or in the factory
  • A pplication-focused — small size and low cost open up a wider range of applications than ever before
  • R ange of integration options — select from stand-alone and embedded sensor formats
  • K iller value — ideal for high-volume OEMs, integrators and budget-limited labs
Specification Spark-VIS Spark-OEM-VIS Spark-DET-VIS
Spectral range: 380 -700 nm
Optical resolution: 4.5-9.0 nm FWHM (~1.2% wavelength)
Signal-to-noise ratio: 1500:1
Stray light: ~0.3 to 1% across range
A/D resolution: 14 bit N/A N/A
Power consumption: 250 mA @ 5 VDC 30 mA @ 5 VDC 30 mA @ 5 VDC
Connectors: micro-B USB (power and signal) 12-pin (0.5 mm pitch) ribbon cable 14-pin (7 x 2) connector
Detector: Panavision ELIS1024 linear silicon CMOS array
Integration time: 10 µs to 10 s
Pixels: 1024
Operating temperature: -10 to +60 °C
Relative humidity: 0-85 % (non-condensing)
Dimensions: 53.3 x 36.4 x 19.9 mm 38.4 x 22.6 x 10.2 mm 18.42 x 9.65 x 9.53 mm
Weight: 15 g 3.8 g <1 g
Spark spectral sensor
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