MCLS-4 multichannel source for 240 - 617nm

Our Multi-Channel LED Light Source is designed to power 4 LED modules. The constant current drivers can each drive up to 2 amps continuously or 4 amps at 50% duty cycle. The user changeable LED modules are automatically recognized and the drive current is adjusted accordingly. This light source can work along with or be controlled through its USB interface.

The MCLS has a powerful integrated timing controller that provides synchronization between the different channels. External events can be adjusted with a resolution of up to 10 ns. The duty cycle and pulse width of the LEDs can be programmed with great precision up to pulse widths of several seconds. Each LED channel has its own timer and the off time and on time of each channel is independently controlled. Drivers for the LED controller in the MCLS support only 32-bit operation.

Variable triggering modules can be easily configured with the LED Controller software. Once the timing setups are configured, you can store them onto your MCLS without the need for a computer. 

The MCLS can support stand alone, master or slave operation

Engineering Specification MCLS LED Controller
Source: Light Emitting Diode
Wavelength Range: Varies with installed LEDs
Pulse Rate: up to 1 kHz
Warm-up Time: *** less than 1 minute
Source Lifetime: 2,000 hours (typical)
Trigger Modes: External, internal and free-running
Trigger/Shutter Input Signal: External, internal and free-running
Resolution to 10 ns
Trigger/Shutter Connection: USB 2.0
Timing Resolution: 10 ns
Drive Capability per Channel: 2.0 amps, continuous – 4 amps at 50% duty cycle
LED modes: Sequential, synchronized and free-running
Analog Control Resolution: 12 bit
Integrated Filter Holder: No
Operating Temperature: 5 °C – 35 °C
Operating Humidity: 5-95% without condensation at 40 °C
Power Requirements: 100-240V/50-60 Hz/150 mA
Power Consumption: Varies
Dimensions: 7.6 x 7.6 x 30 cm
Weight: 0.7 kg
Replacement Bulb: LED-xxx series
Software: LED Controller for Windows and Java compatible SDK**

*  Warm up time @23 °C ambient, free airflow, no vibrations

** Java is a registered trademark of Sun Microsystems; Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft, Inc.

4 channel LED light source, fiber optic, deep UV 240 nm, 250 nm, 280 nm, 365 nm, 385 nm, 405 nmand visible to 627nm. great for protein and DNA fluorescence, sterilization, microscopy.
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