LLS-UV Led Light Source for 240 - 355nm

LED light source uses our MLA-XXX fiber coupled deep UV LEDS from 240nm to 345nm. Light output from the single 600 um fiber varies from 2 uW at 240 - 255nm and 20uW for all other wavelengths, 30 mA max drive current CW, 200 mA max drive current in pulsed mode, 1% max duty cycle in pulsed mode Innovative electronics drive the LEDs with a stable high current and allows them to be run at even higher peak currents when operated in the external triggered mode. The user can select continuous, externally triggered or OFF from a switch on the front. A separate switch allows you to adjust the power level. All functions can also be accessed through a 15 pin interface connector. An optional USB controller can be used to customize the settings including the drive current, pulse width and pulse frequency. Comes with 9 volt wall transformer power supply.  Click for technical details


Number CWL FWHM  Min Power coupled into a 600 um .22NA fiber  Maximum Drive Current (Continuous Mode) Maximum Drive Current (Pulsed Mode)  Maximum Duty Cycle (Pulsed Mode) 
LLS-240  240 nm 11 nm 2 µW 30 mA 200 mA 1%*
LLS-250  250 nm 12 nm 5 µW 30 mA 200 mA 1%*
LLS-270  270 nm 12 nm 15 µW 30 mA 200 mA 1%*
LLS-290  290 nm 12 nm 15 µW 30 mA 200 mA 1%*
LLS-310  310 nm 12 nm 15 µW 30 mA 200 mA 1%*
LLS-325  325 nm 12 nm 15 µW 30 mA 200 mA 1%*
LLS-345  345 nm 12 nm 20 µW 30 mA 200 mA

Pick the power supply and wavelength option. You can change wavelengths by ordering any of our MLA-XXX LED modules (UV-VIS)

power supply for deep UVTOP LEDS in stock UPS ground included
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