The FOIS-1 integrating sphere collects light from emission sources such as LEDs and lasers and is used to measure light fields with a 360° field of view. The FOIS-1 sphere coating comprises a thin layer of Spectralon, a highly Lambertian diffusing material with response from 250-2500 nm.


Engineering Specifications FOIS-1
Dimensions: 56.8 mm x 62.4 mm x 38.1 mm (LWH)
Weight: 240 g
Spectral range (most effective): 250-2500 nm
Sample port diameter: 9.5 mm
Sphere coating: Spectralon
Top cap mounts: (2) 8-32 threaded holes (hardware not included)(1) ¼-20 threaded hole in center (screw/adapter included)
Side mounts: (1) SMA 905 connector for coupling optical fiber to the spectrometer(1) 8-32 threaded hole for post mounts


fiber optic integrating sphere
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