CUV-ALL-UV Fiber Optic 4 way Cuvette Holder

The CUV-ALL-UV 4-way cuvette holder for 1 cm pathlength cuvettes has fiber optic couplings at each of four collimating lenses, which couple to optical fibers to illuminate, excite or read the sample. When used with Ocean Optics spectrometers and light sources, the CUV-ALL-UV measures absorbance, fluorescence, scattering or any combination of these optical phenomena. Optical accessories are available to optimize signal reflection, accommodate linear variable filters or block ambient light.


Engineering Specifications CUV-UV-ALL
Dimensions: 147 mm x 147 mm x 40 mm overall
Weight: 540 g
Pathlength: 1 cm
Z dimension: 15 mm
Filter slot: Accepts filters up to 6.35 mm (1/4”) thickness
Collimating lenses: Four 74-UV fused silica lenses (200-2000 nm)
Water input fittings for temperature regulation: 3.175 mm (1/8”) NPT
Fiber optic termination: SMA 905
Optional fluorescence enhancement: Add (2) 74-MSP mirror screw plugs
Optional adapter accessories for LVF linear variable filters: Use LVF-CUV-ADP adapter and CVD-DIFFUSE diffuser


CUV-UV cuvette holder fiber optic 1cm cuvettes
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