Amplifire NASBA Multichannel Reader

 The AmpliFire by Douglas Scientific is a portable point of use instrument optimized for isothermal chemistry with the capability to process eight samples simultaneously. With data storage, touch screen interface and easy analysis, the AmpliFire allows you to bring your lab anywhere!

AmpliFire® Specifications

Dimensions: W:21.0cm (8.3in) H:9.1cm (3.6in) D:30.9cm (12.2in)
Mass: 2.2kg (4.9lbs)
Power Supply: 12Vdc
Full Working Load: 2.8Amps
Battery Type: Lithium Ion
Battery Charge Life: 4 to 6 hours
Storage Capacity: 1,000 runs (8,000 samples)
Display: Real time data display with end point outcomes
Transfer: USB 2.0
Well Capacity: .2mL 8 tube PCR strips
Fluorescence 3 Channel Excitation / Detection:


  • Channel 1 = 495nm / 520nm
  • Channel 2 = 535nm / 556nm
  • Channel 3 = 590nm / 610nm

Scan Interval: 10 seconds
Reaction Volume: 25µL to 50µL
Reaction Control Temperature: 45C to 80C

7” Resistive Touch
Capable of wireless mouse or keyboard connection
Windows® Embedded Compact 7 (C7P)
CE (2004/108 EC EMC Directive)
Storage: -29C to 60C (-20F to 140F)
Operating: 0C to 40C (32F to 105F)

NASBA is fast!

  • NASBA is similar to PCR (polymerase chain reaction) in that the target nucleic acid is replicated or amplified. NASBA is faster than PCR for 2 reasons:
  • NASBA amplifies mRNA, which occurs as thousands of copies per cell. PCR targets DNA which exists as a single copy per cell
  • NASBA is isothermal. PCR requires temperature cycling to uncoil the double helix of DNA
  • NASBA can yield positive results in 10 – 30 minutes compared to ~24 hours for PCR

NASBA targets living cells!

  • NASBA targets mRNA, present only in living cells and only when genes are being expressed. PCR detects DNA in living and dead cells.

NASBA does not rely on cultures!

  • Many micro-organisms cannot be cultured, and so are not detected with classical methods. NASBA tests all the microorganisms that are present in the sample

NASBA is quantitative!

  • Internal controls in our tests allow for excellent quantification

NASBA is easy to use!

  • Our specialty is making easy to use test kits and instrumentation for point of use by non laboratory professionals.
Amplifire NASBA reader - Spectrecology
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