93 Hunter Colorimeter Cells

Colorimeter cells are fully fused glass cells for use with colorimeters. Each cell has two polished windows and an open top with no cover. Style 93 is for Hunter, ACS, Data Color and others. Style 97 is for CP method and general colorimetric work. Style 96 is for absorptiometers. 


Description:Colorimeter cells for Hunter colorimeter
Physical Configuration: Glass cell with wide and tall window
Primary use: Transmission/Absorbtion measurement
Clear windows: Two
Instrument: Designed for use with colorimeters
Pathlengths available: 10, 20, 50mm
Cell top: Open top, no cover is available


Window material: Optical Glass, useable range: 334 to 2500nm
Starna Path Exterior Interior Nominal Number
Catalog Length Width Length Height Width Length Volume Polished
Number mm mm mm mm mm mm ml Windows
93-G-10 10 55 14 56 51 10 25 2
93-G-20 20 55 24 56 51 20 50 2
93-G-50 50 55 54 56 51 50 125 2


dye laser quartz cells with exceptional surface flatness
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  • Item #: 93-G
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