584.4-Q Style Flow Cellshort pathlength

This series of flow cell is typified by a tall sample compartment with a window height of 17.5mm for use in both 8.5 and 15mm 'Z' dimension situations. Path lengths as short as 0.01mm are available in this range. Smooth flow characteristics at very short path lengths are achieved with a bypass facility at each side of the window which also avoids increased pressure in the cell and helps to minimize air bubbles. The width of the sample chamber is 4mm. The PTFE inlet and outlet tubes are connected into the flow cell with a M6 threaded connector. The tubing has an outer diameter of about 1.6mm and an inner diameter of about 1mm. The length of the tubing is approximately 400mm. Each cell is supplied with an inlet and an outlet tube. Extra tubing sets may be purchased. 

We carry hundreds of cells in quartz, glass and IR quartz! Send an e-mail telling us what you need and we'll find it for you. If you like, download the Starna catalogue and send us the part number for an up to date quote.

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quartz cuvettes flow through M6 connectors short pathlength, all styles for spectrophotometers, absorbance, fluorescence, flow through UPS ground included
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