34-Q Cylindrical Quartz Cuvette long path, Absorbance

Quartz cells have excellent transmission from 170nm - 2700nm and excellent chemical resistance as well. This cell has two ends and a cylindrical cross section, making it well designed for absorbance measurements of liquids or gases. 

Description:Cylindrical Cell, Long Pathlength
Physical Configuration: Cylindrical cell
Primary use: Absorbtion measurement with low absorbing samples
Clear windows: Two
Instrument: Can be used with spectrophotometers that can use cylindrical cells
Pathlengths available: 50, 100mm
Cell top: PTFE stopper with "ground type" fitting.
Window material Spectrosil® Quartz or equivalent, useable range: 170 to 2700nm
Starna Path Exterior Interior Nominal Number Number
Catalog Length Diameter Length Width Length Volume of Polished
Number mm mm mm mm mm ml Stoppers Windows
34-Q-50 50 22 52.5 19 50 14.10 2 2
34-Q-100 100 22 102.5 19 100 28.20 2 2

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cylindrical spectrophotometer cells. Cuvettes come in different pathlengths
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